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By Carl Wasmuth in Pflugerville, TX | May 24, 2011 | 2 Comments
  •  May 25, 2011: Green Energy/Green Jobs.

    Two of the articles that appeared recently in the Community Impact are

    House Bill Aims to Attract Green Energy Companies to Pflugerville” by Rebecca LaFlure, April 26, 2011.

    RRE Austin Solar in Talks to Bring Solar Manufacturer to Pflugerville, CEO Says” by Blake Rasmussen, April 26, 2011.

    Another article about the House bill (HB 3254), “Tax-Cutting Bill Aimed at Green Businesses” by James Rincon, could be found in The Pflugerville Pflag (page A1, April 28, 2011). It was a long article and appeared online only briefly.

    The progress of the bill toward passage can be followed at this web page. Time has probably run out. There do not seem to be any indications that the bill will be enacted during the current session.

    Added Reference, June 5, 2011:

    RRE Opening City to the World” by Rebecca LaFlure, Community Impact, June 3, 2011.

    Added Reference, June 8, 2011:

    Renewable Energy Investment Zone Legislation Fails” by Rebecca LaFlure, Community Impact, June 8, 2011.


    Some European countries such as Spain and Portugal may be needing bailout assistance at least partly, it is often claimed, because of the very extensive subsidizing that had been given by them for green energy projects. It is also not unusual to find claims that two or more jobs have been lost for every green job created in some countries. So it would seem prudent to allow ample time for very careful consideration of any proposals for financial support from the city for any green energy/green jobs projects in Pflugerville.

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    Industry begins to count the true cost of ‘climate change’” By Christopher Booker, The Telegraph, June 11, 2011.

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Carl Wasmuth says:
17:15 July 15, 2011

Added Reference:

“A US oil boom – unless greens abort it” by Arthur Herman, New York Post, July 14, 2011.

Carl Wasmuth says:
20:07 September 03, 2011

Renewable Energy Business Park for Pflugerville

Preparations for a renewable energy business park southwest of the intersection of SH 130 with Pecan Street have been reported in “Council Approves Contracts for Green Business Park” by James Rincon, Pflugerville Pflag, August 18, 2011, page A1. The article does not seem to be currently available online.

In view of the recent bankruptcy of Solyndra and other solar companies reported, for example in “Scorched by Solar” by Peter Foster, Financial Post, September 2, 2011; perhaps some diversification should be allowed in the planned business park for space for tenants who do not manufacture renewable energy products.

A report, “The Myth of Green Jobs,” by Gordon Hughes, September 2, 2011, is mentioned in the Foster article. The report essentially questions the economic value of policies favoring green energy and green jobs.

The Foster article also mentions “Our Cosmic Climate” by Lawrence Solomon, September 2, 2011, an article that calls attention to some interesting results from climate research underway that is likely to continue to lead to a better understanding of climate change and to easier decisions about the use of fossil fuels.

“Science Getting Settled” by Lawrence Solomon, Financial Post, August 27, 2011.