Commentary about this Community Almanac for Pflugerville

By Carl Wasmuth in Pflugerville, TX | January 11, 2011 | 1 Comment
  • Apparently, a Community Almanac can be started for any city in the country. Such a website was begun for Pflugerville as part of the process for preparing an up-to-date comprehensive plan. At that time, links to the website were posted at the Pflugerville 2030 Comprehensive Plan and the City of Pflugerville websites. The links are gone now, but the Pflugerville Community Almanac obviously still exists and is still available here for written entries such as this one.

    Spam is still a persistent problem for this website. Spam has been removed periodically but so far not with any great frequency. Hopefully this problem will eventually be solved. Meanwhile, this almanac is still available for written entries that may contribute in some degree toward telling what life in Pflugerville is all about.

    Added May 17, 2011:

    Some advantages of using this Community Almanac are the ease of registration and the freedom to write about any appropriate topic but here preferably with some relation to life in Pflugerville.

    The city might benefit from more discussions from various points of view about Pflugerville issues such as those related to

    • Smart Growth
    • Climate Change
    • Green Energy/Green Jobs
    • Texas Open Meetings Act
    • Public Transit
    • City Charter

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Paul Winkler says:
13:55 January 21, 2011

Sorry about that. Hopefully the anti-spam filters we’ve just added will cut down on the noise in the future.