Things are getting worse

By JDoe in Pflugerville, TX | July 23, 2009 | 14 Comments
  • We moved to pflugerville for a safeplace to live. Now the crime is up and I dont want my kids outside by themselves. Quit worrying about affordable houseing and multi family homes. Lets get back t …
  • We moved to pflugerville for a safeplace to live. Now the crime is up and I dont want my kids outside by themselves. Quit worrying about affordable houseing and multi family homes. Lets get back to a place where people cared about their neighbors and neighborhoods where it is okay for the kids to play outside.

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LL says:
14:47 June 11, 2009

The crime may be coming from a place that is TOO affordable to live. We have plenty of affordable housing. We need upscale housing and no more apartments.

SP3 says:
03:47 June 12, 2009

I agree. There seems to be too much talk about building new apartments and more “affordable” housing. Pflugerville already has enough “affordable” housing! I moved my family to Pflugerville to get away from apartments and low end housing and to live in a safer environment. Unfortunatly, burglaries and car break ins seem all too common in my neighborhood. If things continue to progress I will be moving my family out of pflugerville and to someplace with less crime and lower taxes!

David says:
00:11 July 01, 2009

It’s too true, unfortunately. I did most of my growing up here, ultimately graduating from Pflugerville High School in the mid 90’s. When I was little, it was absolutely no problem for my brother and I to ride our bikes all over town by ourselves. Sadly, it’s just not the same town anymore… I was a victim of an auto break-in (parked in my driveway) last year, and it really opened my eyes to how things had changed!

I completely agree with your statements about “affordable housing,” as it seems to bring more of the upwardly-mobile who want to live in a nice suburb like P-ville. However, crime has come along for the ride too. I’ve noticed that a lot of kids are out at all hours of the night in my neighborhood, which makes me wonder what the parents are doing!! As the demographics of our once-humble farm town change, so does the crime rate, I guess.

The best we can all do is be smart about securing our family/homes, educating ourselves, staying vigilant, and looking out for our neighbors.

JCL says:
21:49 July 01, 2009

If you find someplace with less crime, please let us all know. There is crime everywhere. Be realistic. I’m not saying more can’t be done but we have a good police force. I lived in Austin and never saw the police. Here when I call about something I get a quick response. Sadly, the economy encourages vandalism and petty crime, as well as more major incidents but that is happening everywhere.

Daphne Gilbert says:
21:23 July 09, 2009

Pflugerville has plenty of affordable housing. We need to focus our growth on high end housing and businesses that encourage high end growth (like improved restaurants and shopping). Lakeway and Cedar Park have done better than most central texas suburbs. We really need to look at what they have done well and use that information. Our new shops are nice (would give them a 4 out of 5), but the new IKEA shopping center in round rock is much nicer (a 5 out of 5). The differences are the trees, playscape near restaurants (great for families), etc.

BigMistake says:
16:07 October 16, 2009

I moved to Pflugerville from Georgetown because there are such nice trails and it’s close to Austin. Unfortunately, I plan on moving within the next year because I want to have a family and don’t want to raise a family in these surroundings. I’m a big supporter of high density growth but if that’s going to be done in Pflugerville it needs to be higher end condos in mixed use areas not apartments. From what I’ve seen, even the most expensive homes in Pflugerville are affordable compared to Austin. Now that east Austin is getting gentrified Pflugerville is the closest and most affordable place to move. Good job!

DEK says:
09:56 October 19, 2009

I live just off of palmer ln. in Austin,but most of my spending $$$ are spent in Pville,I have to agree about the apartments,don’t build them in the city ,put them closer to the highway,also what’s up with that hotel that just got built behind Chedders,it’s an eyesore.Hotels need to be built next to the highway,only.

fire the city staff says:
19:19 August 18, 2009

(This post has been removed due to its inappropriate content)

HP Resident says:
10:27 October 05, 2009

I agree with the posts here. My husband and I love Pflugerville! The city parks and trail system is great, we love the proximity to the toll roads, and just the city in general. However, we think that we will soon outgrow it as there aren’t many upscale neighborhoods, so when we purchase our next house, we may have to move to Round Rock. –which is a shame. Also, I don’t really see the need for more apartments as there already seem to be plenty–and there are plenty in North Austin and Round Rock as well.

SCG says:
17:25 October 19, 2009

We’ve lived in many places, including Austin. Austin has too many rules and tries to social engineer people. No place is perfect but we are finding a lot to like in Pflugerville.

New to Pflugerville says:
12:24 May 06, 2013

I’m going to bed most of you are white folks, am I right? You sound like bigots. My husband and I are getting ready to move into a two-bedroom apartment in Pf this month. We are doing so because, like all of you, we desire a more family friendly atmosphere for our baby girl. Unlike many of you, we cannot afford a mortgage and property taxes and all of the maintenance expenses involved in home ownership. We also were specifically looking for an apartment that was not right on the freeway because we don’t want our daughter to have health problems simply because we are not wealthy. My husband has only some college, and I have two Master’s degrees from Yale. We would have more money if I went to work, but then I could not exclusively breastfeed my child for one year (which I firmly believe in, healthwise) and avoid leaving her with strangers as caregivers in daycare while she is so young. I can assure you that the crime you are seeing is coming mostly from teens in your very own neighborhoods–most likely middle-class teens who live in nice houses and don’t have after school jobs and have too few responsibilities and want to feel dangerous because you have tried to shelter them their entire lives from “bad people.” Bored and sheltered children are into petite crime. When you push for no affordable housing and for apartments to only be built near the freeway and for “upscale” retailers that lower middle class and working class families can’t afford, you are only fueling the problem. Additionally, you are assuring that poverty begets poverty as children like ours are pushed to the margins of society in terms of quality of life, health, and opportunities. Educate yourselves; and I don’t mean with B.A. degrees from whatever middle-of-the-road state schools you attended and played beer pong at in Izod shirts for four years. I hope we don’t meet any of you when we move up north. Peace.

New to Pflugerville / New Home owner says:
14:13 June 19, 2013

I agree that the housing focus in Pflugerville needs to be put on higher end housing to bring in money that wants to “stay” in pflugerville and not just “this phase of life” money that will be here 2-5yrs or less and then leave. Low income housing unfortunately fosters a disposable relationship with a city. I agree it is much needed but should be limited below a certain percentage and not allowed to overtake a city. Pflugerville is only 11 square miles, so overtaking this city would be fairly easy if not kept in check. My partner and I both have Masters degrees and teach at a nearby University. Neither of us have ever played beer bong nor bought izod products, although I did have one pair of socks as a child with alligators on them. If the mega apt complexes were full of people like you we would be thrilled, unfortunately, as I am sure you will find out, those mega complex apt complexes are not like that. Those complexes switch management companies constantly through the year and the quality of people that live there and the review process for who is allowed to live there is in constant flux. We have lived in them in Austin and ultimately found it was cheaper and made more sense to own a house in Pflugerville for more space/land/and peace. We live in the Old Pflugerville area (not a new development area) and love it. The Old pflugerville area and surrounding areas west of Dessau and south of 45 have low crime, just look at crime maps before you buy a house anywhere. Either way, crime is still astronomically lower in Pf than Austin by far and way lower than Roundrock as well. The closer you get to either, it goes up.

Han says:
11:23 May 12, 2014

Try getting Pflugerville on ACC in-district. With affordable education, people will most likely resort to less crime and even give back to the community with what they have learned. It also keeps the out of trouble by going to class and gives them something to do, something to strive for. When a city council decides it’s better to invest in a water park rather than education, especially when there can be possible water shorteages, it makes me sad, but is just goes to show it’s a reflection of the citizens.

S.C. says:
20:56 October 31, 2014

Well we’ve been in Cedar Park (we came here for the schools too) for only two weeks and I’m learning this area is like many in this country-divided by the have’s and have nots. We are a military family so to live in a diverse environment is our normal. Our children all play together regardless of income, status, ethnicity and to take them back into the archaic past of segregation and prejudice is not what we want at all. We came to Austin for diversity and forward thinking. Unfortunately there will always be people who cannot see people as human beings but as statistics and threats in their neighborhood. My heart is so sad for this areas because I know what it will be ten years from now. What we have also found is that Pflugerville has been gaining a lower income status stigma as people push for better schools towards Cedar Park and Leander. Quickly the area as it is growing is already being divided. I agree that quality housing should be built to avoid this division and not to promote it. A balanced city would thrive much better than one filled with strictly low income housing. I find it so very sad that before this area has had time to really boom, the lines are already being drawn into who should live where. We are renting and house hunting and had been advised by our realtor to buy into Leander because it will be the next Cedar Park which I might add is filled with a bunch of snooty folks, nothing like who we are at all. In general people are nice, don’t get me wrong but the diversity is simply not there and you can tell these people like to keep things country club as much as they can. Plus there’s a portion of the population playing “keep up with the Joneses”. Overall, my husband and I wonder if we should’ve just moved up north and avoided seeing this area turn out to be like a lot of other places in the U.S.- narrow minded, segregated and stuck in the 1950’s.