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By mcnultytx in Pflugerville, TX | July 23, 2009 | 15 Comments
  • As a 10 year resident of Pflugerville, I’ve seen a lot of development. Most of it in the form of strip malls and big-box stores. My vision for Pflugerville 2030 is a community with an identity of …
  • As a 10 year resident of Pflugerville, I’ve seen a lot of development. Most of it in the form of strip malls and big-box stores. My vision for Pflugerville 2030 is a community with an identity of it’s own (not one defined solely by it’s location on the commute between a “Rock and a weird place.” I see it as a place that supports and promotes local business above national conglomerates who have no vested interest in the long-term vitality of our community. I see it as a pedestrian and bike friendly place, where it’s subdivision residents can bike to work, shop and school. I see it as a place that values and preserves it’s natural beauty and character, and works to grown it’s economy in an environmentally sound and sustainable fashion. I see it as a place where folks from surrounding communities might come to spend a weekend afternoon shopping, dining, and exploring our historic downtown and beautiful parks. Mostly, I see Pflugerville 2030 for what it already is – a community of concerned citizens who truly care about where they live, and what it will become for themselves, their neighbors, and their kids.

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V says:
02:59 June 11, 2009

I share your vision wholeheartedly, Jeaneane. After living within the Austin city limits for 7 years, I have grown accustomed to a certain way of life. Since moving back into my mom’s house in Pflugerville, I have honestly done nothing but complain because of the lack of sidewalks, public transit, concern for the environment, independent businesses, community events, cultural events, as well as the poorly timed traffic lights and the congestion. It is about time these issues are addressed. Pflugerville will start losing residents if it doesn’t start meeting their needs. I would be so happy staying in Pville if it ever lived up to your wonderful vision!

LL says:
14:43 June 11, 2009

I like the bike friendly picture, but realistically this would be costly. Also most people work in Austin and not Pflugerville. Finally to have local business, we need people with deep pockets to open a business and stay in business. Small business is taxed to death and then hounded for donations by every interest group around. The citizens need to shop there to keep them in business!

I would love to see safe roads for bikes. Our park system is beautiful, but I would like to see it accessible to all areas of the City. Again, a costly proposition.

SP3 says:
03:59 June 12, 2009

I agree that we need bike friendly rodes. I am worried that someday one of the cyclists going down Kelly Ln is going to get killed by someone speeding down the rode not paying attention. I would also like to see more parks and fewer trees being chopped down.

BP says:
18:24 June 29, 2009

The downtown area of Pflugerville has a lot of potential. We’ve seen a few businesses close up shop only for a couple of reasons. In order for these businesses to survive they need customers. The parking int he downtown area is horrible. The residents of Pflugerville don’t want to go to a mom/pop business. They will continue to go to the chain/big box stores because of the convenience. Focus on the downtown section of Pflugerville. The rest of the town will grow on it’s own.

LL speaking the truth says:
19:36 August 18, 2009

i think the old timers of pville are suffering from fools syndrone.

@mcnultyt have you been smoking wild grass? the only thing that will save pflugerville from the blacklisted places to live in the austin area is to land some real companies, not no dang retail box crap that everyone like to fantasize about. we have acres and acres of prime land that no company wants to touch…meanwhile the the meat head city officials want to grow pville on the backs of home owners… you get that you pay ~$1000 premium to live in a suburbun austin city with sub standard amenities. just some thoughts no disrepect intended

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