Controlled growth

By bp in Pflugerville, TX | July 23, 2009 | 11 Comments
  • We have the box stores. We have the extension of Pecan to the toll roads. Pflugerville needs to stop the growth NOW while the time is right. If this small exposion continues to grow Pflugerville w …
  • We have the box stores. We have the extension of Pecan to the toll roads. Pflugerville needs to stop the growth NOW while the time is right. If this small exposion continues to grow Pflugerville will soon turn into Round Rock and as a resident I’m not crazy about that idea. the more you build, the more congestion we’ll have. The more congestion we get, the more crime will rise. The more crime rises the less people will want to move to Pflugerville. The less people want to move here the less $$ coming into the stores. The les $$ coming into the stores the faster they will close up shop.

    It’s a trickle effect that is a long term possibility. The Mayor needs to slow the growth and he needs to start now.

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Linda Bertram says:
18:40 July 09, 2009

I disagree. The more people moving here, the better for existing businesses. The answer is to control the type of growth, not the amount of growth. I vote for no apartment complexes, especially section 8 and for higher end housing, not “affordable”. We are already affordable.

Roads need to be planned along with our expanding population. Roads first then the houses will work better in the long run.

JCL says:
22:08 July 15, 2009

Also don’t complain about the property taxes if you don’t want more retail. We need good solid retail shops and restaurants. We need middle and upper end housing and the services, like branch libraries and parks, that go with that housing.

wcp says:
23:10 July 15, 2009

I don’t want either of you complaining when we have traffic jams due to the growth in your neighborhood. Also complaining is not allowed when your nice and quiet town is covered in strip centers and stop lights.

I moved to Pflugerville almost 15 years ago which might be longer than you’ve lived here. I don’t want Pflugerville to turn into Round Rock with the congestion and growth in population. I want it to continue to stay a small bedroom community.

Linda Bertram says:
09:58 July 29, 2009

If the roads are well planned before all the congestion occurs, then we might have a chance. Growth is here, so we may as well embrace it and that is why PLANNING the growth is so important.

Bill says:
17:53 August 05, 2009

Saying we want controlled growth is like saying we want controlled cancer. Whether we are talking about the town of Pflugerville, the country, or the world, we already have too many people. Doing things to attract more people here, especially people who need “affordable” housing and special programs, exacerbates the problem.

Lynda Manning-Schwartz says:
13:32 August 13, 2009

I may have missed some of these topic discussions since I could not go to the town meetings. I would like the city and its citizens to address conservation and recycling programs for the future, including (but not limited to):

1. promote green energy, solar and wind, both as city power and as rebates and help for residents to renovate/add energy efficient solutions to homes and businesses.

2. expand recycling products and extend hours of the recycling center; require city, corporate and large consumers to aid in recylcing efforts.

3. promote water conservation and plan for water resources for the future. Water restrictions are after the fact and do not address the problem. My lawn and trees are dying; ordinances and deed restrictions require that I keep my house surrounded by foliage but impose watering bans. In this drought, how long before mandatory water restrictions kill parks and green spaces? What about future water resource management? Austin has managed its resources badly. Will Pflugerville fall into the same trap?

whining old timers says:
19:02 August 18, 2009

growth is good, it’s called self preservation. pville needs lots of it to get the city cost off our backs… the city has jammed the resisdents to foot the bills of overpaid officials and worthless departments that do nothing. i say we merge the city with Round Rock like corporations merge. where is the ROI for having all these city officials?

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